First Watch Home Monitoring & Cleaning, LLC

About Us

We treat our customers as family and value their trust.

First Watch Home Monitoring & Cleaning, LLC, a family-owned company, was established in 2007. Connie Flint performs home monitoring and housekeeping, provides bookkeeping and clerical services, and maintains the company’s website. She holds a bachelor degree in Business Management from DePaul University, with prior business experience in corporate accounting and administration. Jesse Flint, Sr. has been a full-time resident of Fort Myers since 1978. He received certification as an air conditioning technician upon completion of his education at Lee County Vocational Technical School in 1982, and has more than thirty years’ experience in the field.  He assists in monitoring the homes of our clients and advises Connie regarding any HVAC issues that may arise.

We look forward to earning YOUR trust. Please call or email at any time.

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