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Frequently Asked Questions  1. Why is home monitoring recommended if my home is properly closed? Though you may have taken steps to properly and effectively close your home, leaving it unattended for long periods can lead to serious problems. Mold or mildew may result from inadequate air conditioning, water leaks, or breakdowns in equipment, while storm damage or pests may rust fixtures or deteriorate wood  Vandalism or burglary is also a cause for concern. As your home monitoring service, First Watch Home Monitoring examines your water heater, HVAC, and plumbing with every routine visit. We also look for signs of pests as well as deterioration of fixtures and outside construction. 2. Is regular home monitoring more effective than having a friend or neighbor watch my property? Although you may appreciate the help of a friend or neighbor who checks your property, First Watch Home Monitoring can provide the confidence of knowing that your property is being regularly monitored by an experienced and qualified company that is always available. If you choose to have a friend watch your property, we would be happy to hold copies of your keys in the event your friend is unavailable when service is needed (hourly rates apply). 3. How are inspections reported? Each home inspection is recorded on an inspection checklist. We check the efficiency of the HVAC system, record humidity and temperature levels and settings, check the mailbox (if possible) and flush plumbing fixtures. Anything unusual is recorded and the report is mailed or emailed to you. Serious occurrences, such as water leaks or storm damage, are reported as soon as possible - usually by telephone - and noted on the written report. Photos are taken and emailed when possible. 4.  How am I billed for services? Regular billing is for pre-payment on a quarterly schedule: January, April, July and October. We also accept payment on an annual basis, or payment in full for the number of inspections you wish to schedule. We accept checks or cash, but do not accept credit cards. 5.  How do I register? You may call or email to request a visit in which we will walk through your property, complete an enrollment form, obtain copies of your keys, and make any recommendations for closing your home. Payment is expected upon registration. To print an enrollment form to fill in at your convenience, CLICK HERE.